For your grandmother, create a personalized gift in 3 clicks

Whether you call her Granny, Grandmother, Grandma, Maminou… A Granny is like a friend, but with a big “like”! For her birthday, a pregnancy announcement , Christmas, her party or even for no special occasion, whether she lives two streets away from you or on the other side of the world, don't miss the opportunity to remind her how much she means to you, by creating a surprise gift box, 100% personalized and full of emotions, to compose
in 3 easy steps !

Idée cadeau box fête des grands-mère

Step 1

Choose the design of your gift box for your grandmother

For a perfect gift for grandma, you can choose from different plant-inspired motifs: gardens, sometimes bucolic, sometimes wild, but always full of softness and harmony. Between the foliage of “Garden” and the cheerful “Fleurs des champs”, you will find the prettiest walk to offer to your grandmother. It could start in Giverny like the canvas of a painting with “Water lilies” and end with an adorable collage of his favorite plant species, with “Herbier”. If you want to announce the color from the start, opt for one of our heart patterns.

I choose a Small Cube
Idées cadeaux originaux fête des grands-mère

2nd step

Choose the perfect surprise gift to slip into your grandma's box

We've thought of all the Grannies so you can find the perfect gift idea. Discover the excellent jam from Confiture Parisienne which will delight his palate while the honey from Hédène Paris will poetically awaken his senses. Opt for a green setting, with seeds to grow, ideal for completing your vegetable garden. The benefits of nature on a balcony or the edge of a window! How about one of our organic teas? Or a jewel made in France? Is it rather necklace, bracelet? Simply show her your love… With the Super Grandma keyring (a best-seller, a safe bet) or the hand-embroidered heart brooch that will follow her everywhere… Yes, there is something for everyone, whatever their age. Our surprises will change from the traditional slippers, cushion or bouquet of flowers!

I choose a surprise
Idée cadeau personnalisé fête des grands-mère

Step 3

Personalize your gift for your grandmother by adding a bit of yourself!

It's YOUR moment, the one where you open your heart, dive into your memories and life anecdotes to select four joyful, funny, moving photos. Give everything, put a bit of yourself, leave your mark! This is the most important thing for this exceptional woman that is your grandmother. Exceptionally, you can (and even you must!) release old albums, yes yes, those where you still had that angel face. You accompany the whole thing with a poem, jokes or a few well-chosen words that will constitute a card and presto! That's it.

I create a Small Cube
Idée cadeau cube fête des grands-mère

Step 4

We ship your personalized gift to your home or directly to your grandma!

Once you have done your part of the work, that all the elements are personalized as desired, it is up to us to prepare the present for your grandma. We make your Petit Cube by hand at La Cuberie, in Paris, and we slip it into its cute little tailor-made package. On the delivery side, it's easy. It's up to you to choose to receive the package at your home and offer it in person to see your granny's reaction or surprise her at home. Convenient ! Say, will you tell us? Know that there is a good chance that she displays your masterpiece in her house, perhaps even under a frame... Nice decoration!

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to fill our grandma. We live on the other side of the world and thanks to you we were able to be with her a little for Grandmother's Day.

  • My mum loved it :) The gift, the photos, the print, really a great idea!

  • I chose the box with the heart and a heart key ring for Grandmother's Day... given by my son, his grandma couldn't wait...

  • Order made the same day of this beautiful discovery. The grannies are delighted and I'm a little jealous, I want mine too now.

  • I recommend without hesitation. Two cubes bought for Grandmothers Day and they loved the concept.

  • A personalized gift, with photos in the packaging!! It's sent directly to your Grandma and you can choose the gift inside.

  • I don't even count the number of cubes I've ordered but I've ALWAYS been satisfied with them, I've never had any problems, the cuberie and its occupants have always been super nice, super professional! The cubes are a hit!

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Discover the personalized candle, the warmest gift for your grandma

Give her a personalized candle, the original and perfect gift for your grandmother! With Petit Cube, create a candle 100% in its image in a few clicks. Choose the perfume, the pattern, add a text and a photo. Imagine her joy at discovering a scented candle with a "We love you, Grandma!" on one side, and the picture of all his grandchildren on the other. A tailor-made gift, both cocooning, decorative and moving. You know she adores candles, always accompanying them in her moments of reading. It's sure, this present will melt his heart!

Discover the personalized candle

A wonderful mom

always gives an exceptional Granny!

A Grandma is the pillar of a family. The one around which we meet and in whom we confide. There are the grannies hens and the grannies wolf, the adventurers, the seamstresses, the grannies cakes, the grannies hats, the grannies jewels, the grannies kisses. A granny's door is always open, she is overflowing with affection and attention. When one of her grandchildren comes to visit her, she immediately takes out the tray for special occasions on which she places a box of tea, infuser, simmering water, spoon, cups and saucers. She settles comfortably in her armchair, between the clock and the sideboard, her cat on her knees, dims the light of the lamp and peacefully sips an entire teapot of this famous rose tea that she loves so much while chatting. What an incredible woman! She is always aware of local and national news, she does not lack inspiration to discuss everything and nothing. One thing is certain, she has more than one trick up her sleeve!

How can I thank her for everything she does for the family, for her gentleness and kindness? We never tell the people we love enough that we love them. The ideal gift is one that is made with the heart. The one that says "thank you for being who you are" in the prettiest way. With Petit Cube, there is no complicated process, no subscription to subscribe and then cancel, you create your grandmother's gift in a few clicks, you give us the address of the recipient and we take care of sending the package directly to her.

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What gift to give to grandma?

For grandparents and especially for a grandmother, what matters most, let's be honest, is the attention put into the chosen gift. As a Grandma, she has already received many gifts, you have already given her an apron, mug, tote bag and plaid, so you have to know how to aim correctly and find an original gift. No matter how much money is spent, it will be touched if you put your heart into it. When you were younger, nothing pleased him more than a pretty drawing or a painting with words of love. With Petit Cube, you create a box of happiness that you fill with emotion, memories and sweet words. Plus, you can get all her grandchildren involved. Personalization is the key to emotion. Trust us, she'll love it...

How to please your grandmother?

As we know, grandparents love to tell their memories, those of their childhood. Whatever their age, they like to share, exchange, transmit. Immerse yourself in a photo album, leaf through a period book... Your grandma will be so happy to discuss her past with you over a cup of tea and enjoy a moment of total availability, with quality listening.