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At Petit Cube, we carefully select the CREATORS with whom we collaborate and favor, as much as possible, products from French brands . TALENT does not always have to be sought very far. We find it in our neighborhood with our neighbors in the 11th arrondissement, in France, but also in Europe and sometimes further afield, through our encounters, our travels, our favorites ...

Chat House

Maison Causettes imagines, designs and manufactures in France socks and accessories for the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest, with materials that respect the environment and our well-being.

Barnabas loves coffee

Anne Giniaux imagines, season after season, accessories for babies, children and women where leather, Liberty, sequins and touches of gold are combined in a style that is always chic and refined.

Warbler Paris

Fauvette Paris is the timeless, elegant and feminine French leather goods brand created by Claire Rischette. All creations are made with care and love in Paris.

Clemence & Vivien

The Clémence & Vivien brand offers eco-designed natural cosmetics with an irreproachable composition. It produces in France in short circuit, favors sustainable materials and concentrated formats.

The Little Swallows

Created by Corinne Simier, the brand offers wall decoration, accessories for pretty girls and girls, stationery for lovers of sweet words and educational tools for families.

The French Sou

Le Sou Français creates jewelery and accessories from old French coins in the South West of France.

French chocolate

Le chocolat des Français develops in the 4 corners of France by the crème de la crème of chocolate makers a delicious organic chocolate illustrated by artists.

House Dessis

Maison Dessis is a story of family, passion and sharing around the truffle. It was in the 1950s, in Provence, that André Dessis first encountered the famous “black diamond”. Since then, the passion has been passed down from father to son for 3 generations...

Family Workshop

Atelier de Famille creates personalized bracelets, rings and necklaces for women, men and children. Unique jewels carrying messages, symbols of intimate moments, of precious memories.

Carousel House

Founded by Stéphanie de Fresnoye, Maison Carrousel modernizes French artisanal confectionery with its natural sweets in eco-responsible boxes, made in France.

Dodo Toucan

Welcome to the poetic and childish universe of Dodo Toucan, the brand of ceramic creations. Its founder Sara Théron designs and manufactures decorative objects by hand in her Parisian workshop.

The Bather

Le Baigneur is the small French men's skincare brand founded by Fabien Meaudre. Based in Paris, she designs 100% natural and organic body, face and shaving treatments, favoring ingredients from local production.

Parisian jam

Parisian jam, as its name suggests, is jam made in Paris, but not just any jam: gourmet jam! Founded by Laura Goninet and Nadège Gaultier, the brand continues to develop new recipes...

Hédène honeys

Founded by Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis, two passionate beekeepers, the Hédène house produces honeys with noble and natural ingredients that highlight the richness of France's floral heritage.


Created by two brothers, Etienne and Pierre-Alexis Delaplace, the Kerzon house creates naturally effective daily care products for the home, linen and body. It favors manufacturing with a low impact on the environment, with natural and plant-based ingredients.

Mathilde Cabanas

The Mathilde Cabanas brand, created by Mathilde Cabanas herself, offers gifts for yourself or as gifts: stationery, posters, tableware, printed T-shirts. And above all: the most famous Kiss in France, which she declines at will.

Tiger Paper

Papier Tigre designs high-quality, graphic, fun and practical stationery that is out of the ordinary. This pretty French brand strives every day to design the stationery of tomorrow, more local, more responsible and transparent.

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