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Create your personalized plants in three clicks

Green and decorative, gift to offer or to treat yourself, our pot of seeds to grow will be the ideal gift to surprise. With Petit Cube, create your personalized planting kit in a few clicks: you choose the variety of plant or flower seeds to grow, then you personalize your pot by selecting your motif and then adding a few sweet words and a photo. You don't need to have a green thumb: a little water is enough to see the seed germinate in a few days. Offer a pretty piece of nature in its pot that will find a second life once the plant is repotted!


Choose the variety for your custom plant kit

4-leaf clovers, Oxalys, pretty Poppies, etc. Choose the variety of seeds of your choice. They will be accompanied by pads of dehydrated coconut earth that all you have to do is water! Made in France and from organic farming, our seeds have all been tested and have been chosen for the speed of their growth, and the message that they will convey nicely. Emotions are cultivated!

I create my personalized plant


Select a design for your personalized plant pot

To dress up your pot, select the design of your choice, from a wide variety of patterns for all occasions and all tastes. Whether it is to celebrate a special occasion, make the perfect match with the variety of seeds chosen, or bring a decorative touch to your interior: the choice is yours!

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Customize your pot of seeds to grow!

Whether these personalized plants or flowers are for you or a loved one, add your text for a personalized touch. If you wish, you can add a photo on the back and you're done! You have just created a personalized planting kit, made in France, unique. Congratulation

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Fast manufacturing and shipping!

Once your order has been validated, it's up to us to work!

Your seeds and the discs of coconut soil are slipped into a small burlap bag and then the plant pot is sealed with a lovely cork lid. It is at La Cuberie, our workshop in Nice, that we will add the final touch! We affix the design of your choice and your customizations before shipping your order to you or directly to your loved one.

I send my personalized plant

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • Three little clicks for a great wow effect! We would like to send it to everyone around us!

    Mary Virginia
  • Quite simple but revolutionary. A bit like the paper casseroles that we made as children in the playgrounds.

    Paulette magazine
  • Petit Cube, at the service of the couple's sustainable development 😉. Undoubtedly the most beautiful little attention since the invention of the Internet!
  • Giving a small cube is at the same time simple, original and unique since we have made a cube in the image of the one to whom we want to offer it.

  • Small but very clever, the Petit Cube pleases everyone!

    Milk Magazine
  • Great concept. My son was delighted to offer his Petit Cube to my husband. The photos are now on the fridge thanks to the magnets!!!


Your personalized seed pot


Nothing was left to chance. From the pot to the seeds it contains, including the lid or the patterns that dress it, every detail has been carefully thought out, resulting in a little attention to offer or afford, produced in France in our workshop in Nice, La Cuberie.

Our seeds

A little water is enough!

We unearthed seeds from a family business located in Anjou, where we have been seed producers since 1927.

Our 4 leaf clovers or other seeds are elegantly preserved in a jute pouch with dehydrated coconut soil pads and clear instructions. No need to have a green thumb. All you need is a little attention and care: your loved one will only have to dissolve the pads in twice their volume of lukewarm water, sow the seeds in them, cover them with soil... then let nature take its course!

Whether on a kitchen counter or on a corner of the office, after a few days the seeds will start to sprout and then grow faster than you can imagine!

The pot

Made in France and shipped from Nice

Nicely designed and reusable as desired, the pot that will be used to plant the seeds is made of stainless steel for an almost infinite lifespan! Made on century-old machines in the Paris region, it is then personalized in our workshop. Your texts and photos are printed on FSC-certified paper, matt and slightly satiny for a pleasant touch. A real decorative object, once emptied, the personalized pot can be converted according to your desires, as a pencil pot, cache-pot or treasure box...

The cork lid

Cut in the Landes

To preserve your seeds during transport, we decided to add a natural cork lid.

Cut by hand and made to measure in the Landes by a family business created in 1887, it jealously protects the contents of the jar while bringing a touch that is both raw and elegant. And yes, we have thought of everything!


A service with small onions for you and your loved ones


Lovingly made the day after your order in our workshop


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