Petit Cube is the story of a box that makes pretty boxes.

At the origin of the project, friends from childhood and studies who, after having sailed in different professional environments within large groups or as entrepreneurs, feel the desire to inject a little freshness into a universe of small attention and gifts which easily tends towards the anonymous and meaningless gadget. With their Little Cubes, they want to create links in a playful, sincere and original way.

La Cuberie, our Bordeaux workshop

Young startup created in June 2017, we settled in our beginnings at La Cuberie, which is both our office and our workshop, now located in Bordeaux. We print, cut, fold by hand and with care all our products, that is to say your creations.

We know that each of them contains emotions, precious memories, which we want to enhance by offering them a unique setting. We attach great importance to detail, we ensure that each order is prepared with care and dispatched as quickly as possible in one of our attractive packages.

Reactive and attentive, we are available by e-mail and telephone to advise, reassure, inform or guide. We are happy to receive any comments that help us improve. What we love above all are the stories of opening parcels or envelopes that let you see ear-to-ear smiles, tears in the corners of your eyes, bursts of laughter.

Trend scout

We like the beautiful, the good and the good, we like unearthing nuggets, unusual ideas, we like innovations, committed and daring projects, we like gadgets, decoration, gastronomy, we like modern, aesthetic, avant-garde finds, we like small brands in the making, slightly crazy artists, talented craftsmen. We are on the lookout for trends and popular concepts. We are sailing in the spirit of the times.

The creators

We carefully select the designers with whom we collaborate and favor, as much as possible, products from French brands. Aware of the ecological, economic, ethical and responsible importance of “Made in France”, we want to brandish its colors and highlight emerging, fashionable or still little-known small craftsmen.

Talent, you don't always have to look very far... We find it in our neighborhood with our neighbors in the 11th arrondissement, in France, but also in Europe and sometimes further afield, through our encounters, our travels, our favorites.

We are happy to work with creators from all walks of life: soap, candles, ceramics, chocolates, jewellery, jam...The worlds intersect, intertwine and enrich each other.

Discover the creators

  • Dodo Tucan

  • French chocolate

  • The bather

  • Parisian jam

  • Macon & Lesquoy

  • Mathilde cabanas

  • Hédène honeys

  • Chat House

  • Warbler Paris

Our patterns

hand drawn and painted

Every month, our collection of patterns grows according to events, seasons, our desires, our inspiration.

All our new patterns are drawn and painted by hand by Emilie De Castro, a French artist, born in Toulouse, Bordeaux at heart and Parisian by adoption, who overflows with talent and creativity. We create collabs that arise from our encounters with French brands or artists, such as Mathilde Cabanas, Papier Tigre, My Little Box, Dodo Toucan.


What matters to us are the little touches. Words, gestures, looks that speak volumes. Wishing a birthday, congratulating on a birth, encouraging before an exam, declaring your love, sending a wink, a kiss, a thought. All those little things that make life beautiful and sweet.

That's why we offer products like no other, personalized surprises, for all small or big occasions, for her or for him, easy, fun, intuitive, creative.

Contemporary gifts that create a sensation, handmade in Bordeaux, that contain your memories and convey your most beautiful emotions.