Breathe sustainable & responsible emotion into your corporate gifts

Cadeau d'entreprise Petit Cube dans le creux de la main

Create a sensation with our personalized corporate gifts

Petit Cube offers you customizable corporate gift ideas to support your internal or external communication projects.

Create a Small Cube, a Candle, a Plant or Candies, add your logo or your colors and have them delivered directly to your customers, partners and collaborators. Personalized corporate gift in small or large quantities, tell us what you want, from taking your brief to delivering your products, we take care of everything!

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Emotions, Made in France and wow effect for your corporate gifts.

At Petit Cube we believe that it is not necessary to look very far for talent: it is everywhere around us! We carefully select our partners and favor products from designers or small French brands to fill our small personalized business gift boxes. Aware of the ecological, economic, ethical and responsible importance of "Made in France", we make every effort to promote these values ​​which are ours.
On a daily basis, we respond to your needs with efficiency and speed!

  • The Little Cube

  • Plants to grow

  • The Candle

  • Teas/infusions

  • The candies


A personalized corporate gift unique and adapted to your needs.

Are you looking for an employee gift or an original personalized customer gift, fully customizable, made in France and durable?
Take advantage of our offer of personalized BtoB gifts to make your communication more eventful: a product launch, a store opening, a Christmas company gift, an onboarding gift, a customer gift, a collaborator gift, a partner gift, a seminar or a trade show...

All occasions are good to offer a tailor-made Petit Cube business gift! You personalize your business gifts with your company logo and the message of your choice. Whether with our patterns or with a tailor-made business offer in your colors, we offer you a project that suits you.

  • Gifts for employees & collaborators

    Onboarding, Welcome kit, employee gift, Christmas and end-of-year celebrations, Thanks, Congratulations, Milestone, Company event, Company seminar, Internal animation, Signing of contract, Personal events...

  • Internal or external event gifts

    Product launch, Milestone, Company event, Conference, Congress, Seminar, Wishes, Thanks, PR events, Influencer operations, Partner gifts...

  • Customer & prospect gifts

    Product launch, Customer thanks, CRM, VIP customer, Event, Greetings, Prospecting, Business provider, Welcome, Customer experience, apology following a problem, VIP customer check-in...


Ecological and sustainable personalized customer gifts.

Responsible , our papers and cardboards come from an ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. At the same time wedge, protection and gift wrapping, our intelligently designed packages do not require any tape or any additional wedging. Also, all the ink cartridges consumed are then reconditioned and reused.

Made in France , all our products are printed, cut, glued and folded by hand in our workshop in Nice. For the little touches, we carefully select the designers and brands with which we collaborate and favor French and European products.

Tailor-made services , add your logo to one of our designs or fully customize the Petits Cubes in your company colors. The entire surface of the Petit Cube can be used as a communication support for all your projects. Call on our team of creatives to support you in the design of your creations.

Fast , we know how to be very responsive and flexible, from receipt of your project brief to delivery. Once your order and the proof have been validated, allow 4 to 5 working days for the production of your Petits Cube and delivery in 2-3 working days for orders in metropolitan France.

Questions we are often asked:

Is there a minimum number of parts to order?

Our business offer is accessible from 10 units ordered. The higher the quantities, the greater the discount offered on the project. For less than 10 pieces, go to our general public site:

What are the holdups ?

Once the project and the proof have been validated, it takes an average of 2 to 5 working days for the production of your order as well as 2 or 3 days of delivery time in metropolitan France. Everything is made in France, internally, which allows us to be very responsive. For large quantities or periods of high demand (during the end of year celebrations in particular), lead times may be a little longer. We invite you to tell us about your projects as early as possible, but rest assured: we are able to meet your last-minute needs thanks to our workshop, which knows how to surpass itself when necessary!

What can we customize?

We provide you with “ready-to-use” patterns where you just have to add your 4 photos, your message and your logo. For a tailor-made project, our creative team can also assist you in developing a pattern in the colors of your company. You will only have to affix your language elements and photos.

Is it possible to slip into the Little Cube an object different from the references you offer?

We offer you a list of objects to slip into the Petit Cube which varies throughout the year and adapts to the needs of our customers. However, if you have an object, sample or goodies from a third-party supplier that you would like us to slip into your Petit Cube, this is possible if it respects the size of the Petit Cube: a cube with sides of 8 cm. Additional handling costs are then your responsibility.

Is it possible to put several objects in the Little Cube?

It is possible to slip several small attentions inside the Little Cube. On the other hand, the size of the Small Cube is standard and constitutes a constraint to be respected: your selection of objects must be able to fit in a cube of 8 cm side. Let us know your requests and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Do you ship worldwide?

Our Petits Cubes are exported all over the world. Please note that shipping costs may be higher depending on the destination.

Can you deliver directly to our customers or partners?

Whether it is an internal or external shipment, we can easily and quickly deliver to as many individual addresses as you wish based on the formatted address listing that you provide to us.