To announce the happiest event of a lifetime, discover the ideal pregnancy announcement gift

You were waiting for good news and now it is finally confirmed: you are waiting for a happy event, congratulations! From now on, it is impatience that reigns... What joy!

Whether it's for an announcement for Dad, for grandparents, for friends or future godmothers, spare your effect with a warm, surprising and personal pregnancy announcement gift. Discover Petit Cube, the little box that will have much more effect than a pregnancy announcement card!

  • Make a splash!

  • Your Little Cube in 3 clicks

  • 1) I select the pattern

  • 2) I choose a surprise

  • 3) I personalize

  • I surprise them

Step 1

I choose the pattern for my pregnancy announcement box

For your pregnancy announcement gift to your family or friends, our illustrator has hand painted cute, very soft patterns. Choose your design from our collection! With “Storks”, there is the most touching legend, that of the stork which carries the baby in a basket with the help of its long beak and drops it off for its new parents. A dreamlike and ethereal drawing, filled with poetry. With “Petit bout de chou”, all the baby accessories are gathered, between basket, bib, small slippers and comforter, without forgetting Sophie la Girafe! There is something for everyone for this first stage of personalization.

I choose a Small Cube

2nd step

I select the surprise that will symbolize this announcement!

When you prepare an original gift for a Dad, you have to choose the little surprise that will mark him for life! Our team has selected cute, original and handcrafted little presents to slip into a personalized box to change traditional gifts. You will find baby bodysuit, organic cotton baby t-shirt, swaddle with Bisou embroidery, music boxes, rattle, pacifier clip, teething ring, milk tooth box, Super Dad key ring... You can select the "birth" label to help you. At a glance, the future dad will understand what you are telling him... He will certainly be touched and moved to learn that a child will be joining the family. Say, will you tell us about the face he made?

I choose a surprise

Step 3

When the Little Cube is made Pregnancy announcement card

You want to announce your pregnancy in an original way. It's up to you to put all the emotion and surprise into it! You import your four best photos: Mom's not-yet-round belly, Dad's smile, the pregnancy test, the first ultrasound... And you write your message. Validate, and we take care of the rest! The result: a little box of happiness filled with emotions and precious memories. Each photo can be carefully cut out, kept and why not displayed in a frame. A dad who changes roles and becomes a grandpa; a mom who takes on a new title of granny...

I create a Small Cube
Colis cadeau Petit Cube

Step 4

So, this pregnancy announcement?

Once your part of the work is done, we are happy to prepare your order, carefully packaged to measure. For a pregnancy announcement gift for the future Dad, the future big brother or the future big sister, opt for a delivery to your home to share this moment of happiness together. For an original announcement to distant future grandparents, we take care of the surprise by delivering the package directly to them!

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • A completely original photo jumble! I 100% validate this [Petit Cube] Received on time, this cubic surprise moved my Dad who received it for Grandfather's Day

  • Gift for my 1 year of marriage at the top, so cute this little cube full of love, and fast delivery thank you!!

  • Great concept. My son was delighted to offer his little cube. The photos are now on the fridge thanks to the magnets!!!

  • A Petit Cube that flies to a loved one, a Petit Cube that will make them happy in just a few clicks, Petit Cube je t'adore!

  • Three little clicks for a great wow effect! We would like to send it to everyone around us!

    Mary Virginia

The candle

For a warm pregnancy announcement

A personalized candle: isn't this the most appropriate gift if you are looking for a warm pregnancy announcement gift? With Petit Cube, you create your 100% personalized candle. In a few clicks, you choose your perfume, you select your motif and you embellish everything with a text and a photo, why not an ultrasound. If you want to play the pregnancy announcement card with humor to your companion, it is also the ideal support: "Ready to sleep less?", "Baby is coming...", "I want strawberries". Up to you !

Discover the personalized candle

You want to announce your pregnancy in an original way

around you...

Since you took the test and it turned out positive, you want to shout to the whole world that you are pregnant, you are so happy! Congratulation ! Your dream of motherhood has come true. Patience, patience, you will soon be able to reveal your secret...

Looking for an original gift idea to tell your loved ones that you are expecting a baby? There are many ways to do it, but the key is to opt for a surprise to personalize. Whether it's for your darling, your grandpa, your big brother or even your mother-in-law, the good news is that you've come to the right place. With Petit Cube, you create a tailor-made box according to your desires and your budget. You choose one of our designs, add a surprise or two, and top it all off with a photo and message. We advise you to put a preview of the pregnancy test or ultrasound, huge emotion guaranteed. The announcement of pregnancy to grandparents, or rather future grandparents, what a great moment!

Know that the Little Cube lends itself very well to revealing the sex of the baby. So: little girl or little boy? It also turns out to be perfect for the request to the godmother and the godfather. For women or for men, whatever your budget, you will hit the mark. A Little Cube arouses great emotions, in an original way! Pssst, you can surround your Petit Cube with a topping, i.e. caramels, nougats, chocolates in its package. The perfect little bonus for foodies!

You often ask us for the dimensions of this little magic box. Note that the Little Cube measures 8 x 8 x 8 cm. On the receiving side of the package, you can count on fast delivery whether with Colissimo or Chronopost. Our brand delivers everywhere in France, Europe and worldwide.