The small personalized Grandmother's Day gift in 3 clicks

It's Grandmothers Day! That of your Grandma, Maminou, Mamou or that of your children. There is nothing more precious than a grandmother! Consider sending her a little attention for her birthday. With Petit Cube, zero hassle, you design a 100% personalized playful surprise box in 3 simple steps!

Idée cadeau box fête des grands-mère

Step 1

Choose the pattern of your gift box

We agree, there is no need for a special day to celebrate your grandmother, but Grandma's Day is still the perfect opportunity to please her!

We have selected several patterns for you that will amaze our darling little grannies. We have created a “Loved Granny” label to guide you… If she loves nature, flowers, spring… She will be sensitive to our “Lovely flowers”, “Water lilies” and “Herbarium” motifs. Like a bouquet of flowers, only better! Otherwise the pattern with small hearts always has its effect (especially if it was chosen by his grandchildren).

I choose a Small Cube
Idées cadeaux originaux fête des grands-mère

2nd step

Select the perfect surprise with our gift ideas for Grandmas

If you are out of gift ideas for Grandma, you can trust us. On the occasion of Grandmother's Day, the Petit Cube team has mobilized to unearth pearls, little treasures, which will delight their eyes, their taste buds, their heart, or even all of the above! In addition, we favor the “Made in France” that she cherishes so much.

You are going to hit the bullseye with the “Super Mamie” leather keyring from Fauvette (one of our best sellers, a safe bet), the delicious artisanal jam from Confiture Parisienne or the honey and lemon pastilles from Hédène.

Cups, balloons with hearts, seeds to plant, bookmarks, delicacies, jewellery, bracelets... At Petit Cube, there really is something for everyone, for all Grannies, Grannies, Grandmas, whatever their age!

I choose a surprise
Idée cadeau personnalisé fête des grands-mère

Step 3

Personalize your photo cube

You are the artist: your Little Cube comes to life! You add 4 photos of her and her grandchildren: a photo where she gives the bottle, another with her grandson, her granddaughter... in memory of the good old days. You sign with a sweet word or a poem to wish him a happy birthday! This is an opportunity to say thank you for her good chocolate cakes, thank you for her role as confidante, thank you for being the best grandmother... Psssst, don't forget to tell her how much you love her and cover her with kisses. Successful surprise guaranteed!

I create a Small Cube
Idée cadeau cube fête des grands-mère

Step 4

We're shipping your Grandmother's Day gift!

It's up to us to prepare your Mother's Day gift. We handcraft your Petit Cube at La Cuberie, our workshop located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. On the delivery side, it's easy. You can receive the package at your home and offer it in person to see the reaction of Grandma darling or surprise her at home. We prefer to warn you: there is a good chance that she will display your masterpiece in her house...

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to fill our grandma. We live on the other side of the world and thanks to you we were able to be with her a little for Grandmother's Day.

  • My mum loved it :) The gift, the photos, the print, really a great idea!

  • I chose the box with the heart and a heart key ring for Grandmother's Day... given by my son, his grandma couldn't wait...

  • Order made the same day of this beautiful discovery. The grannies are delighted and I'm a little jealous, I want mine too now.

  • I recommend without hesitation. Two cubes bought for Grandmothers Day and they loved the concept.

  • A personalized gift, with photos in the packaging!! It's sent directly to your Grandma and you can choose the gift inside.

  • I don't even count the number of cubes I've ordered but I've ALWAYS been satisfied with them, I've never had any problems, the cuberie and its occupants have always been super nice, super professional! The cubes are a hit!

Idée cadeau bougie fête des grands-mère


Discover the personalized Grandmother's Day candle

A personalized candle, with your most beautiful smile and your sweet words, isn't this the perfect gift to please your grandmother? A delicate attention that causes a sensation. With Petit Cube, you create your 100% personalized candle, in its image. In a few clicks, you choose your perfume, you select your motif and you embellish everything with a text and a photo. A personalized and tailor-made gift, both cocooning and decorative. It's sure, you will melt his heart!

Discover the personalized candle

The queen of the family

Unique and irreplaceable

Granny darling, she is an extraordinary woman. The Queen of the family, unquestionably. Her grandchildren, from the youngest to the oldest, award her the diploma of the coolest grandmother in the universe! No doubt her praline biscuits and orange-filled chocolates have something to do with it... The reality is that she is always there for each of them, to encourage them to travel around the world, Italy, Poland, Taiwan... She takes care of the whole family. Even if she no longer works, she is still very busy, between her association, her various activities, her games of bridge, her paintings for which she always has an overflowing inspiration, her cooking classes (she never separates from her apron)... Not to mention her hours spent on social networks, Facebook and Pinterest! With such a busy schedule, she always has stories to tell.

Before being an extra Grandma, she's the best of moms. Don't we say that a great mom always gives an exceptional grandmother? She is overflowing with affection, joy and tenderness, grandson and granddaughter can always count on her for hugs or comfort after a big grief. She favors quality moments, she can just as much advise the eldest, supervise the coloring of the youngest and read stories, beautiful quotes, poems to the youngest. In his eyes, the most important thing is to be together. To share share share, again and again, moments of conviviality. She is one of the most important women in the family, a rock, a pillar.

You searched for a long time to find a great gift for Grandma, both original and personal. You hesitated between (yet another) cushion, plaid, mug or even a tote bag. But what will DEFINITELY make him happy is a personalized gift. Let it be said, personalization is the key to emotion! With Petit Cube, you create your own box of happiness, which you fill with a tender message and lovely memories.

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What is the date of Grandmother's Day?

Take out the calendar... The date changes every year. In 2022, we will say Happy Grandma's Day on Sunday March 6th. This event is becoming more and more popular and even essential to celebrate family love, from generation to generation.

Who invented Grandmother's Day?

Originally, Grandmother's Day was born out of a communication campaign by the Café Grand'Mère coffee brand in 1987. Since then, every year in France, we celebrate Grandmas on the first Sunday of March.

What is Grandpa's Day?

Yes yes yes, grandfathers also have their party! Everyone has their date... For grandfathers, the celebration will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2022. Some will say it's a commercial party... but it's a real party! We are celebrating Father's Day, why not Grandfather's Day? No question of forgetting the grandparents! Family first...