In 3 clicks, create the perfect personalized gift for moms

Tell him you love him with a Petit Cube, the 100% personalized box made by hand and with love. Whether it's your Mum, the Mum of your children, a young or future mother, for Mother's Day , Christmas or for no special occasion, give her a personalized gift that she will remember for a long time. With Petit Cube, you create your playful surprise box, which you put together in 3 simple steps!

  • Make a splash!

  • IdĂ©e cadeau maman Petit Cube

    Your Little Cube in 3 clicks

  • Petit Cube, une idĂ©e cadeau pour maman

    1) I select the pattern

  • IdĂ©es cadeaux Petit Cube maman

    2) I choose a surprise

  • Petit Cube, des idĂ©es cadeaux originaux pour maman

    3) I personalize

  • Petit Cube, une idĂ©e cadeau originale pour maman

    We ship it

  • IdĂ©e cadeau maman Petit Cube

    Surprise !

Step 1

Choose the mum gift box suited to her personality or your message!

Blue flower mom, cool or adored? New mum, birthday, Mother's Day? To each their own personality, to each their favorite design!

Better than gift wrap, choose the design of your box. We offer a large collection of trendy designs and illustrations on our website. What to find the perfect dressing for your personalized mom gift, whether she is close to you or on the other side of the world...

I choose a Small Cube
Idées cadeaux originaux maman

2nd step

Slip one or more surprises into your mom gift box

We are a French brand, we unearth trendy gifts every day for all mums and for all budgets, favoring French or artisanal brands.

While flirtatious Mums will be delighted with our jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, soaps, facial treatments and perfumes, gourmet Mums will prefer small sweet or savory treats, teas or infusions. Keyrings, puzzles, charms, kits to plant... Our selection made up of a hundred gift ideas from all walks of life should help you put stars in his eyes.

In short, you decide the container and the content based on it. Whatever her tastes and her age, thanks to your tailor-made box, you will be able to say thank you to her for being a golden mum, the best mum in the world!

I choose a surprise
Idée cadeau Saint-Valentin

Step 3

Personalize your mum gift box

Make room for creativity! Up to you. After the motive and the surprise: the emotion. Trust us, it's easy. Choose four photos that illustrate funny, complicit or tender moments. Your choice: your most beautiful selfies, your baby faces, the latest family photo. In short, remind him of all the good times.

Add a text, a poem or sweet words: "mamounette, you are the pillar of the house, thank you for being a perfect mother, always on top!". You can even involve your dad, your siblings or even his closest friends to increase the emotion tenfold. After all, this is the first woman in your life!

I create a Small Cube

Step 4

We send him your gift

Once you have personalized everything online, it is up to us to prepare your gift. We make your Little Cube by hand. You are free to receive the package at your home and offer it in person to see the reaction of the happy mamounette or to surprise her at home. In any case, you are going to cause a sensation with a gift that makes an impression!

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • I sent a little cube to my mom for Mother's Day and this little attention touched her a lot! Apparently the jam that was inside is delicious and the photos of very good quality so thanks to Petit cube!

  • Top gift idea for Mother's Day or to spoil anyone! Even the design of the package that contains the cube is super cool!

  • Order received quickly! First time but not the last! I love the concept!! Just one word PERFECT!! THANKS

  • I am delighted with the result of the little cube I ordered for Mother's Day, it is magnificent!! Now all we have to do is wait for D-day

  • I ordered a little cube for Mother's Day a short time ago. Received yesterday, amazed at the speed, the quality of the product and the little gift inside. I can't wait to gift it! I adore ! If you want to make an original gift, go for it PETIT CUBE is awesome!

  • I love the concept of this cute little cube that contains a nice surprise! Being on a trip abroad for a few months, it's the ideal gift to show that you're thinking of your loved ones, plus it's fully customizable! Delivered on time and surprise effect guaranteed!

Idée cadeau bougie fête des mères


The personalized candle, the perfect gift to make it melt!

Let yourself be tempted by one of our candles... If your mother or mother-in-law is a fan of decoration, if she likes to curl up in her sofa with a book and a mug of coffee, snuggled between a cushion and Titus the cat, we have what you need. In a few clicks, you create and personalize your custom-made candle. You choose your perfume, your pattern, you add a text, a photo. And the day is played! You will see, a personalized candle is a safe bet, an essential accessory that fits perfectly into the little habits of the house. No doubt it will cause a sensation!

Discover the personalized candle

Mom of my heart,

mom the best!

Whether it's Mother's Day, Christmas, to say thank you or I love you, there are a thousand and one reasons to take care of your Mom. And if you invite him to breathe, the time of a day? We give you some tips, objective: well-being.

She is one of the most important women in your life... She is one of those people you can always count on. Year after year, every day, you create new memories together. From mother to daughter, from mother to son, the most insignificant moments, even the very small things, build the relationship, strengthen it, embellish it. Love is nestled in the habits we form...

Meeting up to toast, eat, poke your nose into books, family photo albums, tell each other about the latest exploits, new experiences... The story is far from over! Many pages are to be written... together.

Collapsible content

What last-minute gift for your mom?

Oops... You want to give your mother or mother-in-law a gift for Christmas, her birthday or her party, but the date is fast approaching and you don't have a specific idea in mind... Don't panic. Trust us ! We serve you the perfect idea on a platter. On the one hand, the Petit Cube always has its effect, and if you doubt it, take a look at our Google reviews, we have more than a thousand of them with an average of 4.8/5. On the other hand, it takes only one working day of manufacture and, depending on the delivery method chosen, one to three working days of delivery.

What gift to give to his mother?

Whatever the occasion, what matters most to your mother (or your mother-in-law, if you're looking for a mother-in-law gift) is the attention and care that goes into designing a unique gift. Her greatest happiness is family time. Thanks to the personalization of your Petit Cube, you will be able to immortalize your most beautiful memories. Inside, you choose one of our quality accessories, a bracelet, a cup, a jewel, a wallet, a delicacy... According to your inspiration, desire and budget. All our products come from designers or small French brands. What makes all the difference is that your present is thought out, designed and offered with the heart!

What would make mom happy?

There are a thousand and one ways to please. It's sure, your mum or mother-in-law wouldn't say no to a lazy day with a massage, a book to devour on a deckchair, fruit and flower infusions... Organize a day for her, taking into account her passions! And don't forget to give him a little present. It's not always easy to find an original and surprising gift for women. But remember one thing: you don't need to empty your bank account to hit the bull's eye. The little touches are often the most personal! And they are the ones that make a splash.