The perfect personalized Mother's Day gift in 3 clicks

Sunday May 26 is Mother's Day! Whether she is your darling mom or the mom of your children, this is the opportunity to tell her how much you love her! Petit Cube is the 100% personalized gift idea made by hand and with love. (Almost) as moving as her first noodle necklace! Give her a Mother's Day photo gift box that she will remember for a long time, to compose in 3 simple steps!

  • Make a splash!

  • Your Little Cube in 3 clicks

  • 1) I select the pattern

  • 2) I choose a surprise

  • 3) I personalize

  • We ship it

  • Happy Birthday Mom

Step 1

A colorful and unique gift box!

There are so many moms! To each his personality, to each his sensibility, to each his reason! Between flowers and evocative hearts, between deep blue and candy pink, you are bound to find a design that matches it.

Let yourself be carried away by the thousand and one colors of our collection of patterns which evolves over the months and seasons, and choose the perfect gift wrapping!

I choose a Small Cube

2nd step

Choose the small gift that corresponds to the mom!

For Mother's Day, our elves have selected cute little touches for all moms, whatever your budget. A single watchword: favor French or artisanal brands.

You will find a wide range of gifts, such as jewellery, bracelets, rings, accessories, cosmetics, organic tea, organic infusion, soap, puzzles, candy, chocolate (for a gourmet mum)... to slip into your custom-made box.

If in doubt, a little crush on the Lark "Super Mom" ​​key ring or the Raspberry Macaron jam from Confiture Parisienne! Essentials to please the first woman in your life!

I choose a surprise

Step 3

A 100% personalized gift for Mother's Day!

After the motive and the surprise: the emotion. You choose four photos that illustrate moments of complicit, funny or tender life: the last family vacation, dad's grimace, the first steps of the youngest, a paired smile. Your most beautiful memories immortalized...

Finally, you add a short note or a poem, as in the days when it was dictated by the mistress: "Thank you for being a great mom!". After all, Mother's Day is an opportunity to open your heart wide and tell her how much we love her! Trust us, you will make her happy...

I create a Small Cube

Step 4

Shipping your Mother's Day gift!

Once you have validated your creation, we take care of making your fully personalized box! Like all orders, your mom's little present will be handmade in La Cuberie. On the sending side, you are free to receive the package at home and offer it in person to see your mother's reaction or surprise her directly at home. In any case, happiness is guaranteed!

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • I sent a little cube to my mom for Mother's Day and this little attention touched her a lot! Apparently the jam that was inside is delicious and the photos of very good quality so thanks to Petit cube!

  • Top gift idea for Mother's Day or to spoil anyone! Even the design of the package that contains the cube is super cool!

  • Order received quickly! First time but not the last! I love the concept!! Just one word PERFECT!! THANKS

  • I am delighted with the result of the little cube I ordered for Mother's Day, it is magnificent!! Now all we have to do is wait for D-day

  • I ordered a little cube for Mother's Day a short time ago. Received yesterday, amazed at the speed, the quality of the product and the little gift inside. I can't wait to gift it! I adore ! If you want to make an original gift, go for it PETIT CUBE is awesome!

  • I love the concept of this cute little cube that contains a nice surprise! Being on a trip abroad for a few months, it's the ideal gift to show that you're thinking of your loved ones, plus it's fully customizable! Delivered on time and surprise effect guaranteed!



Discover the personalized Mother's Day candle

A personalized candle, isn't it the ideal gift to melt the heart of an exceptional woman? With Petit Cube, you create your 100% personalized candle, in its image. In a few clicks, you choose your perfume, you select your motif and you embellish everything with a text and a photo. A true tailor-made gift, it is the essential accessory for a decoration fan.

Discover the personalized candle


it's your day!

Being a mom is a full-time job. The most beautiful job in the world, certainly, but the most demanding too. So Sunday, May 29, no question of missing the boat, it's an opportunity to press pause and give way to relaxation. We have in stock some little tips to take care of the one who takes care of you so well, we are thinking of mothers but also of mothers-in-law.

Organize a wellness day. It could start with breakfast in bed followed by facials or massages. She would continue with the reading of her book of the moment, comfortably installed on the sofa, with chocolate chip cookies available - the height of gluttony! It would end with the opening of a gift specially designed and made for her. There, you can imagine, we can only advise you to create your unique and personal little box. Believe us, it's certain: you will cause a sensation!