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Daruma, Japanese lucky charm

Daruma, Japanese lucky charm

Make your wishes come true with Japanese Darumas

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The adorable Darumas, native to Japan, are powerful catalysts for encouraging your loved ones to achieve their dreams and goals. It's simple to use: just formulate a specific, measurable wish, then draw one of the two eyes in black ink. Then place it prominently in your home to keep your goal in mind. Once the wish is fulfilled, it's time to draw the second eye. Each color of Daruma corresponds to a specific area: red for luck and to ward off negative energies, white for love, green for health, and yellow for prosperity.

  • 🎉 Darumas are celebrated in Japan every May 5.
  • 🏯 A charming decoration that helps you make your wishes come true.
  • 🍀 A Japanese lucky charm symbolizing perseverance, luck and success.
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