To thank your loved ones during or after the holidays

Ah, the holidays: the best time of the year… But while you take it easy, Mamounette collects your mail, the neighbor waters your plants, your sister feeds the cat. So many loved ones to whom to send, from the swimming pool, a little thought: a 100% personalized holiday gift box with your best memories!

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Idée cadeau souvenir Petit Cube

Step 1

Choose a Design for Her Holiday Thank You Gift

Your Petit Cube will be in the colors of your holidays! And that's good, in our collection, we have a wide selection of patterns corresponding to different destinations. Let yourself be guided by our “Summer vibes” label... Rather beach or swimming pool? Shellfish or crustaceans? Slice of watermelon or ice cream? Between Wild Coast, Florida and Belle-île, what is certain is that even if your loved one is stuck at home, he will travel!

I choose a Small Cube
Idée cadeau marque Baigneur

2nd step

Add a summer surprise for her holiday gift

Here again, you can follow our “Summer vibes” gift ideas… We have gathered little attentions for women and men with the scents of freedom, sun and idleness, by selecting the crème de la crème of French brands: Bbuble and its bracelets, Clémence & Vivien and its nourishing summer flower care, Baïja and its tiare flower scrub, Le Baigneur and its soaps. Small sizes perfect for your loved one's next getaway. And yes, it's not just you who take to their heels! Come and take a look at our selection, you will find jewelry, spices, puzzles, baby clothes and other small gifts. For gourmets, you can add a topping, i.e. delicacies all around the Petit Cube in the package.

I choose a surprise
Idée cadeau vacances cube piscine

Step 3

Personalize your holiday thank you gift with your memories

This is the moment when you can gently taunt your loved one by proudly showing off your four most beautiful vacation photos: the one with the gigantic 6-ball ice cream, the one on your pink flamingo buoy... in short, we trust you, make him dream ! Add a message with your thanks: “Steuplé, don't forget to change the water in Rajah's bowl, thank you, you're a sweetheart, PS: I got sunburned again”. Pssst, know that you can write a message on the outer insert of the box, the first name of the recipient with a heart for example.

I create a Small Cube
Colis cadeau Petit Cube

Step 4

We ship your holiday gift

Wherever you are, in Bali, Madrid or Arromanches-les-Bains, your package leaves from La Cuberie, where we print, cut and fold all souvenir gifts by hand. Direction: your loved one's mailbox! A holiday concentrate sent by La Poste, with dispatch and delivery within 2 to 3 days. If you do well, the package will arrive before you return home for a total surprise effect!

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • Little Cube! Genial offers small gift boxes to personalize yourself, great!!!! Fast delivery, quality of the box at the top. I recommend to anyone looking to offer an original and personalized small gift.

    Marie Louise
  • Gifts that are sure to please, delighted with my purchase and the care taken both in the manufacture of the cube and in the packaging. I really recommend. Thanks again to your team.

  • What a great idea - and beautifully executed! Perfect for making a personalized surprise! The gift arrived safely and made the recipient happy. I will repeat the operation (I am now looking for opportunities to do so...). Congratulations to the "Petit Cube" team!


The Candle

Discover the personalized teas the gift to extend the holidays

On vacation, the rule is that there is none: pistachio ice cream here, half a dozen chocolate churros there... To thank your loved ones for having had such a good time ( and managed the organization of outings, settled some bills, entertained the youngest) think about our personalized infusions and teas to prolong the smell and the delights of summer! First, you choose your type of tea: strawberry & mango green tea, pear and chocolate black tea, exotic rooibos, for example. Then, you personalize your pot with one of our designs, your photo and your note: “Thank you family for these wonderful holidays!”. And voila ! A touching and surprising little attention to say thank you with originality. Fast shipping and delivery. And guess what? We also offer the scented candle and personalized plant version. Very nice for decoration!

Discover the personalized candle

Destination: vacation!

A big thank-you !

The holidays are approaching... O joy, the dream becomes reality, life is beautiful! The first step, and not the least, is to prepare the bag or suitcase with the essentials: rose water book, beautiful beach towel, cap, water bottle, diving mask, GoPro... You have to think about everything to make your stay unforgettable! Whether your trip has been prepared several months in advance or improvised at the last minute, whether you have made a reservation or are listening to your desires, with or without a guide, you are going to experience wonderful adventures.

If you and your children have been staying with friends or family, plan a present as a token of your gratitude. Your host or hosts will be touched by your gesture. This is an opportunity to say thank you for their welcome, their kindness, their hospitality, their generosity and their enthusiasm during this pleasant stay, and to wish them a good continuation in the most beautiful way. No need for cards, the Petit Cube conveys your message of thanks. The photos you add bring back good and beautiful memories... They are detachable and can be displayed in a frame. You often ask us about the format of the Petit Cube, know that it measures 8 x 8 x 8 cm. You can get the kids involved and ship the package directly to your host's address.

Collapsible content

What thank you gift to give to a loved one?

You are looking for a little attention to say thank you to a loved one (a friend, a host, a member of your family) who has done you a favor this summer... We have the solution! Compose a tailor-made box in which you slip one or two surprises from our selection. A box in his image with the pattern specially chosen according to his tastes, photos and sweet words. Take the opportunity to open your heart and tell him how much he means to you...

How to write a thank you note?

It's easy, you just have to be sincere and grateful ... "Dear friends, thank you for being wonderful hosts! We had an excellent stay with you, it was a real pleasure to live these moments with you. We are more than delighted and have very good memories of our getaway. We are looking forward to seeing you at our house, you will be our guests. In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck, see you soon and good luck getting back to work." .