Birthday, wedding, birth... Create a personalized souvenir gift!

As a birthday approaches, after a wedding or a birth, the search for the perfect gift is quite a headache. By betting on emotion, you are sure to hit the bull's eye. With this 100% personalized souvenir gift idea, you will clearly stand out! Your friends will be very touched...

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Idée cadeau souvenir Petit Cube

Step 1

Choose the design of your keepsake box

Personalization starts here. Whatever the occasion to celebrate, we have a design to suit! You choose according to the event to which you have been invited: candles or balloons for a birthday, hearts or glasses of Champagne for a wedding, storks or layettes for a birth... It's up to you to create a unique gift, a box on - measure to your liking to accompany your most beautiful memories.

I choose a Small Cube
Idée cadeaux originaux souvenir

2nd step

Add a surprise for her keepsake gift

Inside your memory box, you slip one or two little attentions from our selection of small brands or French designers. To guide you, we have set up filters by occasion: birthday, wedding, birth... It's up to you to browse our selection of gifts to find the one that will suit your loved one. Why not a pretty cup, a candle, a necklace, a piece of jewelry, a key ring, candy or chocolate confectionery? Whatever your budget, you will find a French product for children, women or men of all ages. You can also use the "theme" or "price" filter to help you. Know that you can add a topping, that is to say rose petals or delicacies according to your tastes all around the Petit Cube in its package!

I choose a surprise
Idée cadeau souvenir Petit Cube

Step 3

Birthday, wedding... Personalize your photo souvenir gift

Make way for emotion: insert your four most beautiful photos and a text, which will be visible once your Petit Cube has been opened and deployed. Whether it's for your best friend, your sister or your childhood friend, collect your most beautiful shots, those of your fancy dress parties, your trips abroad, your delirium and your laughter. Warning: you risk making your loved one cry… with happiness! The photos are detachable, they can be displayed in a frame for example. Note that you can add the "text" option on the outside insert of your memory box, instead of the logo.

I create a Small Cube
Ouverture de colis Petit Cube

Step 4

We ship your photo keepsake box wherever you want

Here again, you have the choice: you can either send your photo gift directly to your loved one or receive it at home to deliver it in person. Printing, cutting, folding... We manufacture its personalized box no later than the day after your order in our workshop in Paris and we ship it to the address provided for delivery within 1 to 3 days on average in metropolitan France depending on the chosen delivery method. You receive all shipping information by email. You can, if you wish, add the gift box option which consists of adding an over-package to protect the packaging.

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Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

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Idée cadeau souvenir de mariage

wedding idea

Think of a personalized wedding keepsake gift!

Long live the brides! You have been invited to a wedding, you have attended the ceremony, the wine reception and perhaps even the party... Remember to thank the newlyweds and present them your congratulations again with a souvenir wedding gift! The perfect combo: the “Tell me yes!” or "Encre d'amour" and its big heart with the La Marche nuptiale music box. Inside: the first photos of the Big Day! Imagine the emotion of the newlyweds a few days before the wedding… The first shots of the most beautiful day of their life, even before those of the official wedding photographer: the best gift! You can also opt for one of our jars to personalize with message and photo.

I create a Small Cube
Idée cadeau souvenir mariage bougie

The pots

Personalized candles, teas & planting kits

If you are looking for a unique man or woman gift for someone you know, you have come to the right place! On our online store, you can create an original and tailor-made product with our personalized pots. Candle, tea, planting kit... You choose a nice pattern, you add your text and your photo. And voila ! Scented candles and seeds to grow are perfect for decoration. Beautifully designed and reusable, the jars of our candles are made of stainless steel for an almost infinite lifespan. The stoppers, on the other hand, are made of natural cork. Each stopper is both a lid and a base. Believe us, you will amaze your loved ones! Note that it takes 1 day of manufacture and 1 to 3 days of delivery on average.

Discover the Candle

Capture the best memories

Following a festive event that you attended as guests, you are looking for gift ideas to thank your hosts. With Petit Cube, you compose a tailor-made box with the photos of the best moments and a little note that replaces the letter or the thank you card. Our boxes are unique boxes that you compose in the image of the person to whom you offer it. If you are lacking inspiration, no problem, we will guide you step by step. Our personalized gifts suit all budgets!

For the birthday present of your best friend or nostalgic friend... Celebrate friendship! Embark on the design of a vintage box with photos of his best years... Return to childhood allowed: guaranteed emotions! Remind him of the first trip made together and the many anecdotes that accompany it. You know, when you never traveled without a pen and a notebook on which you wrote down all your adventures like a logbook. This strange leap in time will certainly warm his heart!

The good idea: if you want to create a wedding souvenir for the bride and groom, the Petit Cube is perfectly suited. This pretty box will allow you to highlight with originality all the wonderful moments of the big day: the exchange of wedding rings, the first kiss of the married couple, the throwing of the bouquet, the celebration bringing together the grandparents, the children, the friends in short all the guests... A way to prolong the festivities and to please the newlyweds very very much! On the outer insert of the Little Cube, you can write their first names and inside a little note to renew your congratulations. For a perfect gift, add little sweets. We have a large selection of French products: pot of honey, nougats, caramels according to your desires.

Pssst, newlyweds, it also works for you: thank your family and your witnesses with a small cube that will make a perfect souvenir gift so that they keep track of this beautiful moment! You have just learned of the birth of a baby and you are looking for a gift idea... To congratulate the happy parents, send them a small box with photos of the child and a message to welcome him. You can enter his height in cm and his birth weight. Like a mini photo album with, in addition, a gift inside!