Create a personalized Secret Santa gift in 3 clicks

Whether with your family, with friends or at the office, you have decided to implement the now famous Secret Santa tradition. Become a real Santa's elf for the person you have drawn and create an original and unique Secret Santa gift!

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    2) I choose a surprise

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Step 1

I choose the pattern for my Secret Santa gift box

Because who says gift, says package, the first step is simple: choose the perfect motif for your gift box for a wow effect! Le Petit Cube shows all the attention you have shown, even for a Secret Santa gift where chance invites itself to the party. Patterns in Christmas colors or illustrating the personality of the person drawn (friend, colleague, etc.). You have the choice ! One click is enough. With your Secret Santa gifts, you'll be a sensation under the tree!

I choose a Small Cube
Idées cadeaux originaux Secret Santa

2nd step

Secret Santa's Surprise Gifts

Because giving pleasure is priceless and a precise budget was probably defined at the time of the draw, we went all out with a selection of nuggets for small budgets. Did chance lead you to the slippery slope of a colleague from the marketing department that you know little about? The beauty category should save you. Have you come across your n+1? Do not panic, a gourmet product made in France will allow you to play your game well. We have a wide selection of gift ideas of all kinds: bottle opener key rings, pairs of socks, cups, decorative accessories, chocolate snowman, kit for bearded men, bracelet with a coin, chic card holder... There is something for everyone! For sure, you will find the perfect gift.

I choose a surprise
Petit Cube,, le cadeau de Noël à offrir

Step 3

Family, friends or colleagues, personalize your Secret Santa Gift!

Whether you know the person who has been designated to you by heart or whether it is a complete stranger (or almost), it is always possible to find a way to personalize your box with a note and photos. Focus on originality. Draw on your memories or anecdotes in common, play the humor card by talking about your choice of surprise or an anecdote from the life of your company! Surprise reaction and emotions guaranteed when unwrapping your Secret Santa gift!

I create a Small Cube
Idée cadeau Secret Santa colis

Step 4

We prepare and wrap your Secret Santa gift in record time!

Bonuses! Once you have finalized the 3 steps of your Secret Santa gift, you can, if you wish, add a message on the outer insert of the box and a topping (i.e. caramels, chocolates, nougats...) all around your present in its package. Perfect for foodies! Made in our Bordeaux workshop, your Petit Cube can be delivered within 2-3 days via Colissimo or within 24 hours via Chronopost. Faster than Santa on his sleigh!

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • Tested at Christmas by ordering 3 gift boxes and then more than top result! Very satisfied! I will do it again! Thank you and a great year with lots of little cubes!!

  • Thanks to Petit Cube for everything they did for my order, I felt like I was served like a queen! Reception at the top Christmas before the hour! Many thanks ! I really recommend! Top top!

  • The concept is super cool! Offered for Christmas to my sister, she immediately found the idea pretty and original. It's better to look at some memories this way than on a phone... In addition, the delivery was respected! thank you

  • I'm on my 3rd little cube and each time it's a big sensation, a big surprise for the recipient! It is fun and gives beautiful smiles! Petit cube is the little surprise I think of when I want to please :D Keep up the good work!

  • Original gift that seduces every time (for us it was our fourth little cube)... And to top it off, the delivery is more than fast. I recommend with eyes closed (even if it is largely already done on our side)

  • A sensational and original gift box! I ordered more than 10 of them for Christmas, and everyone reacted the same way: WoW!! I adore !

Idée cadeau Secret Santa Entreprise


With Petit Cube, Santa Claus is you!

Whether with your family, with your colleagues or your friends, you can furnish your hood with Petits Cubes. From 30 copies, do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized and tailor-made quote. You can count on us if you have an event to organise. With their personalized outer insert, the Petits Cubes are perfect table gifts. It's up to you to reinvent Christmas surprise bags for your guests!

I personalize my tea box

The Secret Santa Gifting Tradition

Did you know ?

The Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition that is practiced with family, within a group of friends, sports teams or between office colleagues. An event of the utmost importance, not to be overlooked. Especially if you are the organizer.

The operation is very simple: using a draw, each participant is designated as someone else's secret Santa. So everyone offers a gift to a randomly selected recipient. The secret Santa's name is only revealed when the gifts are given, with the draw remaining anonymous and secret until the end. In general, the bottle is out, and the coupettes of Champagne clink during the exchange of gifts. It's the perfect day to put on and proudly show off your most beautiful Christmas sweater!

This Secret Santa tradition, particularly suitable for small and large groups, with or without children, allows everyone to have a Christmas gift idea without breaking the bank by offering a gift to each member of the group. The Secret Santa gifts always have a small effect on the participants. Smart, fun, economical! Success guaranteed.

If you're out of inspiration, we've prepared a selection of gifts that should help you. Tick ​​tock, tick tock... Time flies! You've already opened most of the boxes in your Advent calendar... Without wanting to panic, it's an unmistakable sign: the holidays are fast approaching!! Everyone is rushing to the shops in search of an original gift. On your side, you have found it and without getting up from your sofa! Plus, it's a personalized gift.

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What budget Christmas gift?

You are looking for a Secret Santa gift idea for a Christmas with family or friends and you have a mini budget. No problem ! At Petit Cube, you can create your personalized box from €15. You create your box with your photos and your text. And you add the handful of tender caramels at 2€. That's it !

What surprise to choose for a nice colleague?

Our boxes are full of original surprises for all ages, whether for your friendly colleague or your boss. We have a solution to all hesitations! You can filter our ideas by "colleagues" opportunity to discover our selection.