Create in 3 clicks the perfect gift box for a personalized Valentine's Day

Oh, love !! Whether you've been in a relationship for three weeks, eight months or twenty years, on February 14 , your significant other secretly hopes to receive a little attention. Don't panic, you have just found an original gift for Valentine's Day: Petit Cube, a 100% personalized playful surprise box, to be put together in 3 very simple steps.

Step 1

Choose the Box for your personalized Valentine's Day box

Well, the theme, we guess… Love! But love comes in a thousand and one shades. With our many designs, you can't run out of inspiration... Whether it's for him or her, with “love letters” and its fiery missives, “I sing a kiss” and its thousands of kisses and “Bouquet of love” and its passionate flowers (no need to even go to the florist), your box will instantly convey your feelings to your darling or darling. Beauty and purity of feelings... No excuses for ignoring!

I choose a Small Cube

2nd step

Add the Valentine's Day gift for men or women that will fill their hearts

With us, there is something for everyone, whatever your budget! Let us introduce you to our romantic selection at low prices...

For epicureans, the raspberry macaron jam invites you to an evening full of indulgence while the honey with peppers spice up the relationship. For those who want to take their Valentine with them, there is the Super Love keychain or the Amour charm. The most curious or undecided will be tempted by the naughty dice...

One thing is certain, there is no question of missing an opportunity to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with emotion.

I choose a surprise

Step 3

Personalize your Valentine's Day gift box

As in a photo album, you slip four shots of your best moments: you and your loved one on a trip, in the mountains or on the beach in Normandy, selfie with and without filter... Everything is allowed! You sprinkle the whole thing with sweet words with his first name, open your heart, let go. Big declaration, request or simple I love you… If you want to see a tear bead in the corners of his eyes, go all out! If your companion (or companion) is greedy, you can add in his little cube box: squares of chocolate, candies or others according to your tastes and desires. Like a box of chocolates, only better. The passion for sugar in a personalized gift!

I create a Small Cube

Step 4

We take care of shipping your Valentine's Day surprise!

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to please, even if, we agree, love has no expiry date! Once you have done your part of the work, and all the ingredients are in place, we handcraft your Petit Cube at La Cuberie, our workshop located in Bordeaux. You are free to receive the package at your home and offer it in person to see the reaction of your other half or to surprise the recipient at his place of work. Say, will you tell us?

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • Thanks to Petit Cube for this wonderful creation!! I was able to offer a great personalized Valentine's Day gift that had its effect!!!! Super fast delivery and very attentive and friendly customer service.

  • An original gift for Valentine's Day that my husband received with great emotion. Super express delivery, perfect print!

  • Perfect to offer a nice little surprise to the chosen one of his heart! Original, cheap and so romantic! I recommend

  • Great experience! Yes it's original, yes the printed photos give a quality rendering, yes it had its effect, yes I was able to surprise and above all YES it happened on time! Congratulations to the whole team. I recommend 100%

  • I love the concept. My man was delighted to have 4 small photos of us, and the little note for Valentine's Day. It is of very good quality, and too nice to discover. We both loved it.

  • I gave this to my girlfriend for Valentine's Day, and she really liked it, the cube was in perfect condition and really beautiful! Nothing to complain about and I recommend it to everyone

  • I don't even count the number of cubes I've ordered but I've ALWAYS been satisfied with them, I've never had any problems, the cuberie and its occupants have always been super nice, super professional! The cubes are a hit!


A personalized romantic gift

At Petit Cube, we are experts in customization. But beware, not just any customization! We do not make personalized cushions, t-shirts, posters or aprons. From your most beautiful shots, we make a special, very special box. Start by choosing your favorite photo, add a second, complete with the first and last photo of the two of you. Write your little note, remember to use his first name and his various nicknames (we will not reveal to anyone that you call him "my sugar duck"). We can't repeat it enough but it's the personalization that makes all the difference! Come on, now it's up to you...

I personalize my Little Cube

Home sweet home

February 14th

Close your eyes and imagine...

The date is circled on the calendar, there's no doubt it's your day. Your darling or darling has gone shopping, you have an hour in front of you to prepare for the evening. Go!

To start, and to motivate you, you put a quality sound (Shiny Happy People, it works well). Then you move on to the big cleaning. You put away the book lying around on the sofa, the mug with a bottom of coffee, the tablet still on... You continue with setting up the romantic dinner table. A small, simple but cute decoration with a balloon, sugar petals, cocktail or beer glasses and appetizers for a romantic date by candlelight. Not to mention your outfit: elegant, a bit sexy with carefully chosen jewelry (the one you got at Christmas) and no slippers!

And to finish, the final touch and not the least, an unusual gift!! In your long and intense search, you have deployed considerable energy to find THE good idea among the multitude of presents, each more attractive than the other, hesitating between body treatments or a duo activity. With her adventurous temperament, you didn't choose a massage cushion and even less pink spatulas. You have opted for an ultra-personal and unique love kit that will open up your secret garden and prove your love on a daily basis.

Because deep down, what matters most is living the present moment, intensely. Trust us, support the made in France! You won't regret your purchase (Amazon better watch out).

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What gift to give to your man for Valentine's Day?

Finding a gift for men is no small feat. On the day of the feast of lovers, the chosen one of your heart will appreciate a gift that will simply reveal your feelings to him. Compose your box in a fiery declaration way, there are never too many hearts or balloons: "for you, my king". Add a surprise from our selection, such as a cosmetic product, a perfume, an accessory or a bracelet. With your photos and your note, it's the perfect gift to prove to him that you love him...

What Valentine's Day gift for a woman?

Let's be honest, the quest for the perfect gift for women is far from easy, you have to be creative and above all very attentive. Do not rush to amazon to order jewelry, bracelets or earrings, of poor quality. Forget the brewing kit that has been eyeing you for months but won't please him. With us, you will find bracelets and buckles from designers or small French brands. All wrapped in a unique box made up of your photos and sweet words.

How to make a good Valentine's Day?

Some will say that it's a commercial party invented by a florist... Fine! But it is above all an opportunity to show your affection throughout the day. On the program, in the morning, offer a naughty massage to your partner with or without accessories according to your desire (we trust you). Continue by suggesting an outing or an activity, a well-deserved break in a more than busy daily life. To relax, inflate a balloon or two, fill the bathtub and take out some cookies, chocolates, a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a little mousse or a glass of Champagne... Of course, don't forget the tailor-made gift you've concocted for him! (And stop the commercial party excuse which is no longer accepted)