Create an original and personalized Godmother or Godfather announcement gift

Your baby is coming soon or he is about to be baptized... Do you want to ask a loved one to be godfather or godmother? For an original godfather or godmother request, better than a simple oral announcement, create a custom-made box. A small surprise gift box, playful and unique, to compose in 3 very simple steps!

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  • Your Little Cube in 3 clicks

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  • 3) I personalize

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Step 1

Choose the ideal Godmother or Godfather Request Box

Personalization starts here! Whether for a request or to thank them for accepting, when announcing the pregnancy or at the birth, your Little Cube will undoubtedly be the ideal messenger of your emotion and the importance you attach to it. For this perfect personalized godfather or godmother request gift, you will have to choose from our collection of patterns in various colors, each more festive than the next. There's a Little Cube for every occasion!

I choose a Small Cube

2nd step

Slip in the little Godfather and Godmother gift that will accompany your message

The Petit Cube team has mobilized to unearth pearls, little treasures, which will adorn your godfather-godmother gift. A selection of pretty symbolic objects, original items, small gifts made in France, to illustrate how important this request is for you and your child. If you are lacking inspiration, you can filter the surprises by theme and you will find the perfect little attention. We have a crush on the "Super Godmother" or "Super Godfather" leather key rings from Fauvette as well as the godmother request bracelets.

I choose a surprise

Step 3

Le Petit Cube, the ideal support for your Godfather or Godmother ad text

The most important step for this request: your message or a poem, according to your inspiration, as well as photos of your child, with why not a photo of the godfather or godmother! Like a godfather announcement card, you can explain your vision of the role of godfather or godmother. The photos are detachable, they can be displayed in a frame. Whether a humorous or solemn request: Give it your all. Emotions abound... Pssst, know that you can write the first name of the godfather and godmother on the outside insert of the Little Cube.

I create a Small Cube
Colis cadeau Petit Cube

Step 4

Shipping your gift for the Godfather and Godmother!

Once you have done your part of the work, that all the elements are personalized as desired, it is up to us to prepare your Godfather or Godmother request gift. It is up to you to receive the package at your home and to offer it in person with the presence of the godchild, during the civil or religious baptism, or to surprise the recipient directly at home. Whatever the recipient(s), we manage the shipment to the address of your choice.

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • Brilliant concept, I've sent several times and it always makes a splash! I am always surprised at how quickly Les Petits Cubes are delivered. It's so cool, it becomes my systematic way to say thank you :-)

  • A great concept, the packaging and printing are of high quality and the gifts are original for a guaranteed surprise effect!

  • Parcel arrived well. I am very surprised and satisfied with the quality of this product. Very original gift. I recommend !

  • Very good idea for a small gift, whether there is an occasion or not. Total surprise for the recipient of my present who loved the pattern of the box as well as the photos and the note.

  • I don't even count the number of cubes I've ordered but I've ALWAYS been satisfied with them, I've never had any problems, the cuberie and its occupants have always been super nice, super professional! The cubes are a hit!


A unique request for a valuable role

Personalized gifts are the ones that have the most effect!

You are looking for an original gift idea to announce your pregnancy to the person who will be your baby's godmother... You have clicked in the right place! With Petit Cube, you create a magic box thanks to which you will propose in the most beautiful way. Once the design has been chosen, select a surprise to slip inside: we recommend the Super Godmother or Super Godfather key ring, for example. Add your four photos and sweet words. In your opinion, what is the role of the sponsor? You can write a short text to explain it. And tadaaaa! Your gift for godmother or godfather is ready.

The Little Cube is also a nice gift to offer to the godmother and the godfather on the day of the baptism, whether it is a civil baptism or a religious baptism, to thank them for having agreed to take on this mission of the utmost importance. The role of godfather or godmother should not be neglected. As they say: “There is family. There are friends. And then there are friends who become family”. On the day of the baptism, the entourage gathers to celebrate the bonds that are woven for life.

For your loved ones, whatever the occasion, Petit Cube has it all! If you have any doubts, check out our Google reviews: more than 1000 reviews and a rating that is close to perfection. You often ask us the size or the dimensions of the Little Cube, know that it measures 8 x 8 x 8 cm. Visit our site for your godfather and godmother request gifts!

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What gift to offer as a godmother?

You have been named godmother, congratulations! This important role is a real commitment, it gives you a privileged place in the life of your godson or goddaughter for whom you will be an unfailing support and strength. Looking for a unique gift to give to the church, during the ceremony. Tradition dictates that the baptized receive a baptism medal. If you opt for this type of present, know that you can slip it into a tailor-made case: a personalized Little Cube! On the dimension side, the box measures 8 x 8 x 8 cm. What's more, you can write your message inside: you don't even need a card.

What gift to offer to his godmother?

Are you looking for an original gift idea to please your godmother? Whether it's for a birthday, for thanks or for a special occasion, a Little Cube filled with a cup, a puzzle, a care or beauty product always has its little effect. A real box godmother. In addition, the delivery is very fast (2-3 days with Colissimo).

How to announce the choice of sponsor?

As a mum or dad, you want to announce in an original way to a friend or a member of your family your wish to see him become the godfather of your child, girl or boy. The best way to tell him (and to make him want to accept this role brilliantly) is by opening your heart, with a touch of humor it's even more fun. Guaranteed emotion... If you receive the order at home to offer it personally to the future sponsor, you will be able to observe his face and detect the joy in his eyes when reading your message... A great moment in perspective!

"Do you want to be my silly companion, my official supplier of sweets, the one who will accompany me to my first party, who will take me to dinner at fast food, comfort my first heartaches, help me with my homework... In short, do you want to be my godfather? Positive response highly desired!"