Create the perfect personalized wedding gift box in 3 clicks

Love is in the air ! And for good reason, the request was made and... the answer is: yes! What happiness!!
Whether you are invited or the happy future spouses, whether it is to slip your little check or for a table gift, with Petit Cube, you compose your tailor-made box in three very simple steps!

  • Make a splash!

  • Your Little Cube in 3 clicks

  • 1) I select my box

  • 2) I choose a surprise

  • 3) I personalize

  • I surprise them

Cadeau de mariage à personnaliser Petit Cube

Step 1

I choose the pattern of my wedding box

Very soft, poetic and refined, our “Tell me yes!” motif is a real bouquet of flowers, reminiscent of that of the bride. On closer examination, you will see the two intertwined wedding bands, the mounted piece, the Deudeuche of the bride and groom and the flutes ready to toast. No doubt, the festivities have begun! , pink and yellow-orange will not fail to satisfy you. One thing is certain, you have the choice of themes and colors. You will inevitably find what you are looking for in our collection of patterns for your personalized wedding box!

I choose a Small Cube

2nd step

Select a small wedding gift to slip inside

The program for this dream day: love and more love! (yes, it's for life) Stay in the theme, between glitter in the eyes and multicolored doves, with a little attention placed under the sign of tenderness. No, you are not going to offer yet another vase, lamp, dishes or cushions. In your personalized box, you will slip a surprise from small brands or French designers, we are never short of gift ideas: candles, accessories, cups, organic tea, jewellery, sweets, cufflinks, chocolate bonbonniere, lip balm, key rings, delicacies. And there is something for all tastes and desires, for women, men and even children! You can also add your participation check to a romantic weekend or honeymoon... The ideal gift, in short.

I choose a surprise
Petit Cube, un cadeau de mariage à personnaliser

Step 3

Bring the final touch to your personalized wedding gift box

The key to emotion is personalization. The stars of the day, we know them! It's time to add your most beautiful photos of the newlyweds and remind them of the good memories with their loved ones, family or friends: old photos from childhood, dinner or a drunken evening highly recommended. Not to mention the engagement photos. Did you know that the Petit Cube photos were detachable? They can be slipped under a frame for example. Complete with your wishes and don't forget your congratulations! You have just created a unique and personal gift that will surely touch the bride and groom.

I create a Small Cube
Colis cadeau Petit Cube

Step 4

Let's ship your personalized wedding gift

Once you have done your part of the work, that all the elements of your wedding gift box are ready, it is up to us to prepare your order. We make your Little Cube by hand. It's up to you to receive the package at home and offer it in person at the wedding or send it directly to the recipient wedding couple for an original gift from a distance! Delivery is made at home or at a relay point.

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • A completely original photo jumble! I 100% validate this [Petit Cube] Received on time, this cubic surprise moved my Dad who received it for Grandfather's Day

  • Gift for my 1 year of marriage at the top, so cute this little cube full of love, and fast delivery thank you!!

  • Great concept. My son was delighted to offer his little cube. The photos are now on the fridge thanks to the magnets!!!

  • A Petit Cube that flies to a loved one, a Petit Cube that will make them happy in just a few clicks, Petit Cube je t'adore!

  • Three little clicks for a great wow effect! We would like to send it to everyone around us!

    Mary Virginia

Planting kit

Another idea for your personalized wedding gift!

If you want to vary the pleasures and replace the traditional bouquet of flowers, you can opt for a personalized planting kit. You select the type of seeds, here we recommend the bean heart. As it germinates, the envelope falls off by itself and miraculously: an engraved heart is revealed. The magic of feelings! You choose a pattern, you add a photo and a message. Like the date of the wedding and the inscription "long live the bride and groom!" for an exceptional souvenir gift.

Explore Custom Plants

Ask us for a quote for a perfect wedding guest gift

Do you want to order a large quantity for your wedding? Invitations, thank you gifts or personalized table gifts for wedding guests? Know that you can write the first name of each guest on the outer insert of the box which measures 8 x 8 x 8 cm in size. As for shipping, we can send the boxes individually or all to the same address. Our creativity has no limits when it comes to being thoughtful with a personalized gift in your image! Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

Ask for a quote

It's a yes !

And it's for life...

You are one of the lucky ones to attend this union, it is a real honor to have received an invitation! Whether you are a witness, bridesmaid or guest, you are looking for a gift idea for the bride and groom.

Whether there is a religious or secular ceremony, the greatest gift for them is your presence. By contributing to the good atmosphere of the celebration, you will make it memorable. The whole family, all the friends are reunited, which is unprecedented. If a guest book is available, remember to write a note there. In general, the decoration has been thought out to the smallest detail. Here, a ball. There, a greeting box. During the preparations, nothing was left to chance.

Let's raise our glasses or our flutes to the bride and groom! If you want to toast, clink your glass, take the floor and encourage the assembly to toast by congratulating the newlyweds. Great minds collide: no one ever says no to an extra glass, especially if it's champagne or fine wines.

As gifts for wedding guests, the Petit Cube surprises are perfect. The guests will each have a pretty little box with inside, instead of dragees, small sweets, candies or sweets.