The perfect personalized Father's Day gift in 3 clicks

Sunday June 16 is Father's Day! Under the cape of Super Dad hides a tender heart, we know it. Whether it's your father or the father of your children, give him a unique and original Father's Day gift: a 100% personalized surprise box, to be put together in 3 simple steps on our site. Follow the leader !

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Step 1

Dress up his Father's Day gift box

For Father's Day, our patterns reveal boats, ties, compasses, shirts, figurative and abstract shapes to please all dads.

Whatever his tastes, desires, passions, you will find the design that suits him, with Papa Explorer and his fleet of boats under full sail, Papa Chic and his working dad accessories or Papa Arty and his colorful and bright geometric shapes. Thanks to our many designs, you will create a custom-made personalized gift, a box in the image of your Daddy and darling.

I choose a Small Cube

2nd step

For his birthday, slip in a surprise for a super dad

Looking for gift ideas, our team has unearthed the best gifts for all dads who tear! A 100% made in France Father's Day selection for an original gift he won't soon forget!

For gourmet dads, the exquisite Mélinoisette made from honey and hazelnuts or the artisanal arranged rum (tasty tasting in perspective!). For superheroes, the keychain with the message “Super Dad”. Our assortment is very varied, between French gastronomy products, cosmetics for men, pouches, accessories, seeds to plant, infusions... and other surprises. Yes, the list is long! All our products, from small brands or French designers, are of good quality.

Gourmet gift! Pssst, to complete your box, know that you can add a topping, that is to say delicacies all around the Little Cube in the package. Success guaranteed!!

I choose a surprise

Step 3

Immortalize your most beautiful memories with a personalized gift

Relive your precious memories as a couple or with your loved ones: the last trip, DIY and gardening moments, aperitif evenings and games with the family or dinners at the restaurant... Immortalize these moments in a Little Cube with four photos and a special note. And if you want to move her, here's the key: just tell her you love her!

Le Petit Cube is much more than a card, it's a safe, simple and sincere gift that will touch his heart. Once your creation has been validated, personalize the outer insert with their first name, nickname or a sweet word.

I create a Small Cube
Colis cadeau Petit Cube

Step 4

We're shipping your Father's Day gift!

Once you have done your part of the work, that all the elements are personalized as desired, it is up to us to prepare your Father's Day gift. On the sending side, you have the option of receiving the package at your home and offering it in person to see your Dad's reaction or sending it directly to the lucky recipient. Know that we deliver in France, in Europe and even in the world.

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

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  • Little cube ordered for Monsieur's first Father's Day! Parcel received quickly, great pattern, great gifts! Little cube has had its effect! New orders for other occasions to come!

  • First order for Father's Day... The little cube is great! Exactly as imagined, the photos are beautiful, the text is written with a very nice typeface and above all, despite the short deadlines, the gift arrived on time!

  • Small cube at the top! So happy to have chosen this product for Father's Day. The design is beautiful. The writing is beautiful. The shipping box is gorgeous. I am super conquered and I would think of you for other occasions!



Discover personalized Father's Day sweets

Personalized candies: isn't this the sweetest gift for his dad? One of the best ideas for an epicurean love dad. With Petit Cube, you create your 100% personalized candy box. In a few clicks, you choose your variety of sweets, you select your motif and you decorate everything with a text (his first name, his nickname, a sweet word) and a photo. A true tailor-made gift, both gourmet and decorative. For sure, you will enjoy it!

Discover personalized sweets

Collapsible content

What gift to give to a future dad?

If you are expecting a happy event, Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to announce the big news and mark the occasion with originality. Create a Little Cube with photos of your couple and in the center, your message: "The great adventure begins! You're going to be a dad! A mini us is being made..." or "You're going to be the best dad in the world". No need to write a novel, or lengthy sentences like Proust, these few words will provoke strong emotions! As a wink, you can slip a bodysuit or a rattle inside, a useful gift for the future baby... A little attention that is sure to cause a stir! Great happiness to come...

What gift to give to a dad who becomes a grandpa?

Your father is going to be a grandfather! Congratulations to the whole family... You can announce the big news in a Little Cube. Inside, photos of your couple and why not the pregnancy test. A quick note: "Dear dad, The family is growing, thank you life!" or "My little daddy, A wonderful father always gives an exceptional grandpa. With mom, you are going to be great grandparents!". Joy, tenderness, excitement... Love is in the air. It's an explosion of emotions!

What gift to give for Father's Day?

Every year, it's the puzzle. As the month of June and the fateful date approaches, you are looking for a gift for dad. Don't worry, if you don't have an idea, you've come to the right place! What will please him the most is a unique gift, made to perfection according to his tastes by his beloved granddaughter or his darling son. Use your imagination: it's his day! Tell him to get comfortable in his chair and close his eyes. You can serve him a drink or two to relax him ;) Call him by his first name to accentuate the solemn side of the situation. And TADAAAA! Thank him for taking such good care of you, for being a dad on top and offer him his Little Cube that you will have composed according to his tastes and passions. Personalized gifts are the best! No need for another gift. Of course, Papounet will be too happy.