A personalized, original and unique New Year's Eve table gift

Christmas is approaching and you expect to receive the whole family. If on the menu side, you don't hesitate long (turkey with chestnuts, we don't trifle with traditions), on the decoration side you have the field free and this is where you plan to impress your guests. Compose a Petit Cube for each guest, to place on the table: on the plate or between the champagne flute and the wine glass.

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  • IdĂ©e cadeau original pour NoĂ«l

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    Merry Christmas !

Idée cadeau table de Noël - Petit Cube

Step 1

Choose the colors of your Christmas table gifts

You want to provide a welcome gift. Forget Christmas crackers! In a few clicks, you choose the design of each Little Cube, the same for everyone or each his own. You can opt for a Christmas pattern... or not. As hosts, it's up to you!! If you have a theme or a dominant color, you can match your Petits Cubes for a pretty Christmas decoration. On your New Year's Eve table, on your plate, the Petits Cubes make all the difference and provide a unique, surprising and personalized decoration.

I choose a Small Cube
Idée cadeau originaux table de Noël

2nd step

Welcome your guests with a gourmet surprise

Go directly to our “Christmas” category! You will find our selection of gifts to slip into your Little Cubes. You can filter by topic. Rest assured, if you have a large family, we are planning surprises for all budgets, from €2. What always works at Christmas time are the gourmet gifts, the ones you want to devour when you open them: chocolate Santa Claus, praline cream, nougats, broken truffles... If you fear an overdose of delights and prefer to favor a small useful gift, you can choose a little attention from French designers, according to your desires: soap, balm, small candle, cork, beauty kits, photo clips, key rings... .for men, women and children.

I choose a surprise
Idée cadeaux originaux table de Noël

Step 3

Personalize your gift boxes from A to Z

When the Little Cube opens and unfolds… The magic happens at home, around the Christmas table and this festive meal. Inside your personalized box, your guests will discover the four photos you have chosen with the note specially written for them. Bonuses! You can write the first name of each guest on the outer insert of the Petit Cube, like a place card. It's still more fun than labels on cups. One stone, three shots: pretty Christmas decoration, guest gift and name tag without even having to do any gift wrapping.

I create a Small Cube
Idée cadeau Secret Santa colis

Step 4

We ship your Christmas guest gifts to your home

Whether you are 3 or 12 at the table (or even more) you can make a group order. We have provided large packages to accommodate a whole string of Little Cubes, which will be well protected to reach you. Who says grouped order says less packaging, less shipping costs for your gift boxes. The title of best host of the year is yours for an unforgettable Christmas meal!

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • The product is very well made and very well protected. The fact of being able to cut the photos afterwards is really very nice and in a "pocket" format to quickly slip into a wallet :) the photos are of excellent quality.

  • I ordered 4 small cubes for Christmas! Already the site is super well done, easy to use, with a preview before ordering. And the delivery was extremely fast! Christmas is not over yet, but I'm sure they will have their effect because it's really too cute and super beautiful!

  • A big thank you to the Petit cube team!!! A great idea, incredibly fast delivery !!! A perfect quality of execution, beautiful materials and above all very very beautiful presentation! Honestly I love it!! I can't wait to offer them but anyway I already took great pleasure in creating these gift boxes!! Congratulations and long life to this company.

Idée cadeau thé de Noël

Gift idea

Discover our personalized Christmas teas

It's tea time! Tea lovers are served. Our customizable metal tea tins don their festive outfits! From the essential Earl Gray to the more gourmet Pear and Chocolate, a selection of high quality teas that will please everyone and will replace the traditional Fauchon Christmas box and its delicacies. Whether it is served hot under the Christmas tree or iced this summer, personalize your tea and discover our new products!

I personalize my tea box
Idée cadeau table de Noël

Decoration tip

The perfect table gift for Christmas!

Pssst, the best decoration & gift idea on the web? Choose originality by using Petit Cube as a Christmas table gift! One for each guest, depending on their age, placed between the wine glass and the Champagne glass. Practical, you can write everyone's first name on the outside insert and make the Petit Cube an original place card that puts an end to the endless game of musical chairs. Inside this pretty gift plate, unusual surprise, delicacies, emotions, memories and happiness for an unforgettable festive meal. You are going to make a hit. For a small budget, an attentive host and a happy family.

Table gift for Christmas

Celebration day !

The pleasure of receiving

You spend the day cooking good meals, cakes, macaroons and other treats... The bottle of Champagne is already chilled for the aperitif. Now, you put on a festive outfit and you polish your decoration. You had the brilliant idea of ​​ordering a Petit Cube for each guest, which you place as a plate gift for an exceptional party table. It must be said that your friends, you pamper them! The table decoration is not to be neglected. The Christmas balls and garlands match with refinement the color of the tablecloth and all the meticulously chosen details. You don't lack imagination or inspiration to unearth the best tips and recipes for your guests to have a wonderful dinner. From bottles of wine to dishes, including cocktails, cheese and candles, nothing is left to chance. You have thought of everything!

Children are not left out. As often, they are the most spoiled! It must be said that they have been very good this year... Well, that's what they're trying to make Santa Claus believe! They too are delighted to open their custom-designed box like a surprise bag! As hosts, you want everyone to feel good during the evening. At any time, you can draw the corkscrew... or the candy!

As guests, to thank your hosts for their invitation, it is customary to arrive with a bouquet of flowers or another gift. If you want to opt for an original idea, to change from the traditional tasting box, know that we offer plants or teas to personalize. You choose the type of plant from your kit to grow and you personalize the pot with a photo and a message. No need for vase, smart & practical, everything is planned! Success guaranteed.