The scented Christmas candle to personalize in 3 clicks

Christmas atmosphere guaranteed! Our scented candles are customizable in 3 steps and 100% made in France.

Idée cadeau bougie coffret de Noël

Step 1

Choose the scent of your Christmas candle

Carefully developed in Grasse, on a base combining vegetable wax and mineral wax, our traditional French candles offer you a range of fragrances with fresh, elegant and comforting notes. Of those that comfort after a long day of work, thanks to their essential oils. For Christmas, Cinnamon & Marmelade or Madeleine and Porcelaine perfumes are safe bets. Apple & Ricochets or Rose & cotton are to be preferred for gourmet scents. Their generous size of 240g ensures a long burn and a scent that lasts a long, long time. On average 60 hours of burning.

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Idée cadeau bougie de Noël

2nd step

Select the design of your personalized candle

For an original gift, we offer a selection of patterns that will nicely dress up your Christmas candle, cast in a heavy and elegant metal pot. Hard to choose. Whether it stands in your living room or in a corner of your bedroom, your scented candle will look great and will be a valuable decorative accessory in any room of the house!

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Idée cadeau Noël bougie personnalisée

Step 3

The personal touch for a perfect candle

You are the artist: a photo, a message that slaps or warms the heart when your loved one on winter evenings. The pretty label comes to dress up your present for a perfect candle created by you! All that remains is to light the wick to let the interior of your loved one's home be invaded by the chosen scent.

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Idée cadeau ouverture colis bougie personnalisée

Step 4

We ship your Christmas candles!

Once your scented candle has been ordered, it's up to us to prepare your gift. We prepare it with love and by hand in our workshop located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, like all our products in this beautiful month of December. Our pretty package serves as a gift wrap that beautifully unveils your scented candle. Fast delivery at home or in a relay point.

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Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • I loved receiving my customizable candle. My friend loved it! I took the Vanille & Cocotier perfume. Holiday scent.

  • The candle smells good, the after-sales service is attentive and professional. I validate +++

  • Nice brand and beautiful candles! Ordered for a birthday. Thank you Little Cube!

  • I ordered a candle for my grandma for grandma's day... and loved the scent so much I ordered one just for me the following week!

Idée cadeau original bougie personnalisée

Made in France

A personalized scented candle 100% made in France

At Petit Cube we leave nothing to chance when it comes to our personalized candles. From the lid to the wax, through the dressing and the essential oils, every detail has been carefully thought out for optimal use, resulting in a little attention to offer or afford, made in France and finalized in our workshop.

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Idée cadeau table de Noël


Need a Christmas table gift?

Santa Claus still hesitating? Need an idea for the tree? Or simply a Christmas table gift? At Petit Cube, we have become specialists in Christmas gift ideas . After the scented candle, Place Ă  Petit Cube, the unique concept that brings a touch of freshness to the world of small attention. For all occasions, halfway between a card and a gift box, you can personalize it in 3 clicks. On the plate or on the coffee table, emotions and wow effect guaranteed thanks to its original and unrivaled design! Our customers validate for all events!

Table gift for Christmas

Nostalgia atmosphere

Perfume and memories

Perfumes and scents are deeply rooted in our memories. Without paying attention to it, we memorize 1000 smells that come back with nostalgia to remind us of our escapades and the passage of time.

At Petit Cube, we have chosen to work on childhood memories, through a selection of essential oils, with our master perfumer, based in Grasse. Our beautiful candles of almost 8 cm in diameter are a delight to light. They are among the best gift ideas!

For the record, know that for each of our scented creations, we have associated the raw materials with a place, a decor. Several fragrances and scents are available, for all tastes. Thus, Vanille & Cocotier, our best-seller, transports you far, beyond the oceans, for an atmosphere where coconut, orange blossom and gourmet vanilla come together and create a sweet sweet smell. The glass of mojito is not far away. The Mediterranean is not to be outdone (southern founders, etc.), with Figue & Soleil whose smell is reminiscent of cicadas, the sun shining outside and fields of lavender. Provence theme! Rose & Coton harmoniously combines round, floral, delicate notes with the powdery softness of cotton flowers. Cannelle & Marmelade plunges you into a Christmas market under the stars on which notes of caramel and gingerbread will make your mouth water. Pomme & Ricochet will remind you of autumn leaves, the joy you had in jumping in puddles when you were a child. Madeleine & Porcelaine evokes the intimacy of a tea room, homemade snacks or desserts at grandma's. A jewel ! To offer or to offer for the feast of lovers, as a wedding gift or any other occasion to make an impression.

Attention to detail obliges, the development and production of the candles is done in Provence. Mixing vegetable and mineral wax for an ideal combustion balance, they are poured into a heavy and elegant pot, stamped in the Lyon region, and enhanced with natural cotton wicks for a pretty flame that burns for about sixty hours depending on your use.

A Landes cork lid, a noble and authentic material, completes your ideal candle. It acts as a support when your candle burns. Be careful, however, not to let your candle burn unattended!

When we tell you that these are our own candles, without equivalent on the market, we are not lying to you! Whether it's to celebrate Mother's Day, a baptism, a wedding or a birthday, our quality candles leave no one indifferent... Remember, the little touches, personal and unique, are the ones that have the most effect!