The all-in-one solution for an original and unique birthday present!

Do you have a birthday to wish for, a present to buy, a card to find… You would like to get it right and you are wondering how to create a personal, unique and original surprise? You clicked in the right place!! With Petit Cube, you don't need to go shopping, we offer you the all-in-one solution!

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  • Your Little Cube in 3 clicks

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Step 1

Choose the design of your birthday gift box

We have several designs dedicated to the theme of the party: “Happy Birthday!” with its cheerful pennants and balloons; “Birthday candles” with its many colored candles for which all that's missing is the cake! If you prefer to offer a bouquet of flowers (which do not fade!) choose “Blue flower”, “Bouquet of love” or “Fleurs des champs” instead. And if you want to take advantage of the event to (re)declare your love, opt instead for “Adoré” and his hearts by the thousands. Psst, some patterns were designed by My Little Box.

I choose a Small Cube

2nd step

Add a birthday surprise

Whether it's the birthday of a friend, your mom, your brother, your uncle or your goldfish, man or woman, adult or child, whatever their age, you're sure to find the perfect little gift to slip into their customizable box. On the jewelry side, we regularly renew our necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches to always be in tune with the times, with some essentials such as the “heart” symbol which creates a sensation on all occasions. As for delicacies, as great gastronomy enthusiasts, we are fond of chocolates, honeys, jams and sweets. Not to mention the dozens of other gift ideas from our selection: candle, key ring, soap, wallet, shaving kit, socks, watch, nail polish, music box (a best-seller)... There's something for everyone, whatever your budget!

I choose a surprise

Step 3

Finalize the birthday gift with your personal touch

The final touch is up to you, it's up to you to import four photos of your loved one or of yourself, the ones that will bring back good memories, those of your last evening together, your grimaces, your snaps... Don't be afraid to go all out to make this birthday surprise memorable! Complete with your note, a simple “HB poto”, a fiery tirade, a funny prose (jokes on wrinkles allowed) and don't forget to wish him the best, reminding him that youth is in the head!

I create a Small Cube
Colis cadeau Petit Cube

Step 4

Let's ship your personalized birthday gift

As soon as your perfect gift has been validated, we take care of making your order. Printing, cutting, folding... Everything is done in our workshop in Bordeaux. We ship it immediately for delivery within 2 to 3 days in metropolitan France. You can receive your personalized box at home to offer it in person or send it directly to the recipient. Up to you ! Either way, we're on the safe side.

I send a Little Cube

Already more than 230,000 Petit Cube products shipped!

  • What a great idea - and beautifully executed! Perfect for making a personalized surprise! The gift arrived safely and made the recipient happy. I will repeat the operation (I am now looking for opportunities to do so...). Congratulations to the "Petit Cube" team!

  • Little Cube! Genial offers small gift boxes to personalize yourself, great!!!! Fast delivery, quality of the box at the top. I recommend to anyone looking to offer an original and personalized small gift.

    Marie Louise
  • Gifts that are sure to please, delighted with my purchase and the care taken both in the manufacture of the cube and in the packaging. I really recommend. Thanks again to your team.


Planting kit

Discover our personalized plants to grow!

It is customary to offer flowers for a birthday... How about breaking tradition by offering a small personalized plant? You choose the type of plant and the design of your pot. You add a photo and a text: "happy birthday old branch!". In a few clicks, you create a unique gift thanks to personalization! You can also opt for a personalized tea or candle.

Explore Custom Plants

Happy birthday to you!

Looking for a gift for women or men for a birthday... You've been racking your brains for days without finding the perfect idea. Do not procrastinate any longer and make your Petit Cube, a tailor-made box that will appeal just as much to a young woman as to a retiree, to your best friend as to your step-dad. Practical, the Petit Cube is all-in-one, both gift, card and packaging. The best! You choose the decoration and you slip a quality surprise inside: bracelet, necklace, organic infusion, moisturizing cream, accessory, candy, plant to grow... You can ship the package to your home or directly to the recipient. Attention, the opening is a real experience! Thanks to personalization, your loved one goes from surprise to surprise. Happiness guaranteed!

New! Note that you can add a message to the outer insert of your Petit Cube: your loved one's first name or nickname, date of birth, new age... You can also select a topping, i.e. treats all around your box in its package. To add without hesitation if your loved one is greedy. You choose each option so that your present suits you best! Your message will be transmitted in the most beautiful way and with originality.

Pssst, between us, the concept lends itself to different occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day... Each event has its Little Cube! Many of you use it for a surprise gift associated with a big announcement like a happy event... An original idea that will mark the spirits for life!

Collapsible content

What gift to give to a man for his birthday?

Giving an original gift to a man is not an easy task, especially if you are out of inspiration! It's easy to think that your boyfriend (companion or husband), your father and grandfather already have everything. True, but don't panic. If you want to please darling, Dad and Grandpa, show them that you think very much of them with a personal surprise filled with original photos, with a cute message that will melt their hearts. Remember that it's above all an opportunity to tell them how much you love them... Don't forget to cook them some good cakes ;)

What gift to surprise a woman?

You are looking for gift ideas for women to spoil your darling, your mother, your sister, a cousin or a colleague with a beautiful gift. By opting for a personalized gift, success is assured! Gather old photos, add a well-chosen surprise (a jewel, an accessory according to his tastes) and sprinkle everything with memories. The small attentions, the small gestures make all the difference.

How to offer a gift voucher in an original way?

You have an intangible gift to offer, for example, a night in a beautiful hotel, a sensational activity or even a gourmet dinner. However, you would like to give the recipient a small concrete present. With a Petit Cube, you have 4 photo slots and a text slot. You will be able to describe to him and even show him what awaits him! You indicate his first name and write your message: "good for...". Up to you ! Inside you can choose one of our products like the handful of caramels (the cheapest product among all our surprises, perfect if you have a small budget).